Show Dynamic or Static map on any platform Add your data to the Map with custom markers, lines, colors, polygons, and images. Handle multiple layers on map.


Convert address to geographic coordinates or geographic coordinates to address. With our geocoding and reverse geocoding services.


Automatically suggest Address location while users type.


Find the best way to get from one address to another with our Routing service. You can select if to include Toll Roads. If to consider Traffic if you want the fastest or shortest route.

About Us

Atlas is a leader in maps and location-based services (LBS) technologies for mobile and web applications.
Since 2000 we have been unrelentingly committed to innovation, excellence and creativity in our award-winning line of products.
We are proud to provide services to millions of satisfied customers worldwide both through our applications and through a set of amazing services built by our customers by using our rich development tools.

Our Management Team

Shlomo Emanuel


Assaf Mayer

Director Marketing & Sales

Benny Robinov

R&D Manager

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